Residential (26)

Residential Building with office and shop, with one underground and seven upground floors in Sofia, 3 Hubcha str., distict Hipodruma, Krasno selo - Waterway - North

New developed area: 1 945 sq. m

Completion stage Act 14

Implementation period: from 25.07.2018 to 21.01.2019





Residential Building with shop, confectionery, medical center and underground garages, regulated land plots. VII-10.11, district 386, area "Health"

New developed area: 2 194 sq. m


Completion stage Act 14

Implementation period: from 22.01.2018 to 01.08.2018 





Residential Building with garages, underground garages and shops, Sofia, A. Malinov Str.

Completion stage - Act 16

New developed area first stage: 12023 sq. m

New developed area second stage: 4567 sq. m

New developed area third and fourth stages: 11991 sq. m

New developed area fifth stage: 600 sq. m

Implementation period for first stage: from 18.07.2016 to 31.01.2018

Implementation period for second stagefrom 01.02.2017 to 31.02.2018

Implementation period for third and fourth stages from 07.03.2017 to 15.07.2018

Implementation period for fifth stage from 23.06.2018 to 25.08.2018

Residential Building with offices, fast food restaurants and underground garages, Sofia, Zdrave Str. 

Completion stage Act14

New developed area: 4460  sq. m

Implementation period: from 19.05.2016 to 13.04.2017

Residential house in Gardova glava, Sofia

New developed area: 1064 sq. m

Implementation period (construction): 1.11.2015 -20.04.2016;

Implementation period (finishing works): from 20.04.2015  to 15.06.2017

Residential Building with underground garage, garage and offices, Sofia, Students Area

Completion stage Act 16

New developed area: 8 222 sq. m

Construction will be divided into three stages.

Stage I: New developed area: 4453 sq. m

Stage II: New developed area: 2294 sq. m

Stage III: New developed area: 1475 sq. m

Implementation period for stage I: from 09.01.2016 to 31.08.2017

 Implementation period for stages II and III: from 09.01.2016 to 30.01.2018 

Residential Building with underground garages, Sofia, Pavlovo

New developed area: 3000 sq. m

Implementation period: from 25.01.2016 to 15.03.2017

Residential Building with shops,underground garages and room for substation

Completion stage Act 16

New developed area: 35 000 sq. m

Implementation period: from 6.06.2015 to 20.10.2017

 White Church – Simeonovo Residential Complex consists of nine three-floor houses, each one supplied with a garret floor, a basement, a garage, and a parking place. Each house has total build-up area of 270 m2, a self-contained planted courtyard with total area of 100 m2 up to 250 m, and local gas heating system. Panoramic view to Vitosha Mountain and Sofia. Dead line: March 2009

White Church - Kambanite Residential Complex, Sofia, total area: 2 500 sq.m. Construction terms: June – December 2008. Situated in the foot of Vitosha Mountain, White Church – Kambanite is a gated residential complex, consisting of twelve houses, each one provided with a parking place and a self-contained planted courtyard, an access control system. We offer calm and comfortable houses combining the advantages of the surrounding environment with fast and easy access to the center of Sofia. Each house having total build-up area of 270 sq. m. consists of a basement, two floors, and a garret floor. The complex is going to be build-up in accordance with all modern standards and with concern for the natural environment. A support agreement, which includes maintenance of the green areas, 24-hour human and machine guarding, a video security and access control system and etc., is attached to the sale contract.

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